Just Lose The Date

by MC Pete

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January 26, 2016 at 10am:
I started compiling beats for my upcoming mixtape and I was inspired by my own thoughts as I reflected on Australia Day/Invasion Day.
The words spilled out easily and naturally and by mid afternoon this track was recorded, mixed and uploaded.


Guess who back, back again
Petey’s back, from nowhere

Look who just walked in the door, I mean through the door
Cos I didn’t enter in-between the ply boards
Actually I mean through the doorway
Into the room I call a booth where I spit the truth all day
Peep the moment, it’s January 26, Twenty Sixteen
And I just copied a quote from Ron Barassi then I shared all up on my FB feed
Now I bet some suckas wanna test me
Change the date. Bruh, it’s that simple
Let it go and forget it like you bust a bad pimple
I can’t come to your barbecue this time
Unless you wanna just argue and have a shit time
Don’t celebrate, what you celebrate?
The rape and murder of my friends on this hell date
Not swell mate, fuckin hell mate
Stan Grant got a story to tell ya mate
Take a step back and look at how you come across
Germans don’t flag up and celebrate the holocaust
Bro think about it, don’t drink about it
Now you know and once you know you’ll feel sick about it
There’s no significant reparations
Must I mention the Stolen Generations
That’s generations with an s on the end
Because it’s still happening, don’t come with this crap again
“aah we all gotta move forward together”
Go on then ya fake hippy, make it all better
“nah we just gotta get over it and move on”
Sad lad havin me singing friggin blues songs

It’s a date for no celebration
Murder and theft are our foundations
On which we built this great nation
Take a look at it from the other side of the invasion


released January 26, 2016



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