Back To The Matter

by MC Pete

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Destined for my upcoming mixtape "Petey Paslode - Tools Of The Trade".
Quick little vent over a classic Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince remix beat.


Back to the matter, so many things matter
They serve a couple round on a palatable platter
But what about the latter, the fat are getting fatter
The problem’s not a problem if it’s a brown or a black one
Prayers for Paris, we prayed for France
No prayers for Syria we didn’t take that stance
Network news readers, they do a little dance
Entertain the masses and they feed into our hands
They twist facts so tight, that we support the slaughter
Don’t worry about humanity just worry about our borders
Suit themselves when it comes to law and order
When I wrote this Flint Michigan had no drinking water
Let’s see if when I drop it, they finally clean the shit
My Kiwi connects hear this and tell me how mean it is
(mean as bro) Pete mad flow
Can spit at a million syllables a minute or hit it mad slow

Back to the matter, back to class
The future’s foundations are laid in the past
So the present is the past for the future
So if the future of the world is dead, then we each are the shooter
If nature was a woman, tied up to a chair
Then we’re all taking turns to stab her in the neck
And when this present is the past, I’d hate to look back
And see we closed communities but we didn’t close the gap
Look it up if you don’t get it, the good word- spread it
This the shit I’d like to see on front page of Reddit
Lies are what we’ve heard, the truth is absurd
Police brutality’s the real life version of The Purge
Kill another man and take your vacation
Tune in for the hourly brainwash on your station
I used to just rap about MacIntosh Street
Til grew up, now I’m trying to help you up so you can see


released January 31, 2016



all rights reserved